Heavy Duty Windsock Poles


Heavy Duty Windsock Poles by Orenco Flags

  • As you can see, our heavy duty telescoping fiberglass windsock  poles will stand up to the harsh winds in the Pacific Northwest. Fly your flags, feather banners and windsocks from these blue heavy duty windsock poles. Our poles range from 10' to 26' tall. This photo is a 19' pole with 16' feather flags mounted on them. The Heavy Duty Blue Windsock Poles by In The Breeze are easy to set up and take down. Take them to the beach, tailgating, camping or use them around the house to proudly display your favorite colors. All poles come with storage bag, enclosed tip and banner clip at the reinforced base.


Windsock Poles for any occasion.

  • Our blue heavy duty windsock poles are great for camping, tailgating, home use or at the beach.  Sets up in minutes. Our poles collapse down to less than 5 feet for easy storage and transport.

Heavy Duty Windsock Poles with Banner Clip and Swiveling Eyelet tip.

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  • All of our windsock poles are equipped with a swiveling eyelet tip so your decorations will fly freely with the breeze. The telescopic poles also have a banner clip at the base to secure your feather flags and banners.
  • Minimal shipping and No Tax on all windsock poles.