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American Made United States Flags

Our most popular Nylon American Flags are finished with heavy-duty, no-shrink white header material for the strongest headers in the industry. This 3 X 5 American Flag is the most common flag sold. The header is heavy weight polyester canvas that is folded over the flag material, then double lock-stitched for added durability. Each stripe is cut into strips then sewn with two rows of stitching per seam. This process helps increase the flag life. The fly end has four rows of lock stitching and Brass grommets to improve durability. Lock stitching is the preferred method to help prevent fraying. Our Nylon American Flags are available in several sizes, from our 3' X 5' to our 30' X 60' flags, we are confident we have a flag for you. 

Certified American Made U.S.Flags. 

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Certified American Made U.S. Flags

Orenco Flags is proud to offer only American Made U.S. Flags. From our Smallest American Flag, to our Extra Large American Flags. Orenco Flags offers these fine United States Flags in Durable Nylon and Polyester, our toughest, most durable flag. Certified Made in the U.S.A.

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Show your American Pride

Orenco Flags offers a wide variety of American Flags. Many sizes and material to choose from. Call us for your specific Flag needs.

American Flags Polyester

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American Flags Made in the U.S.A.

We are pleased to include our Polyester American Flag, our most durable, longest lasting flag. The 2-Ply Polyester fabric in our American Flag product line is the "top of the line" choice in the polyester flag market. Woven of 2-ply polyester yarn, combines the strength of polyester with an additional richness of color. It is the natural choice of flag users who need the extra durability and toughness that can be gained by the use of the 2-ply polyester.

Polyester is the most durable flag material sold today. These United States flags are great for outdoor high wind areas. It is durable, offers the brightest colors and flies in a brisk breeze. Our U.S. flags are made and sewn together in the U.S.A. This process assures you consistent quality and value. Embroidered stars on these fine flags.

These American Made Flags are perfect for Schools, Church's, Municipalities, Commercial, or Residential use.

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Polyester American Flags Our Most Durable Flags

If you live in a high wind area, we recommend these beautiful polyester flags, our toughest most durable flag. Like all of our American flags, these U.S.Flags are certified Made in America. Orenco Flags carries these flags from our 3' x 5' to the large and extra large American Flags. 

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Support American business's with these American Flags, Made in the USA.